Arjen Wiersma


I am the Chief Lecturer for Cyber Security at Hogeschool NOVI. In my work I focus on teaching students all there is to know about the technical side of Cyber Security. My main areas of expertise are Reverse Engineering, Infrastructure Security and Web Application Security.

Next to my work I am active as an Independent Hacker. I assist my customers in their journey to increase their security posture. I do this through advice, seminars and security assessments.

I organize the Dutch meetup for Hack The Box. Each month, on the 3rd Wednesday, members of the Dutch cyber security community get together and have presentations, demos and discussion on wide ranging topics. Through this collaboration I have become an Ambassador for Hack The Box.

The views on this site are my own.

Latest writings

Full list in the blog archive.

Public talks and presentations

From time to time I talk at conferences and meetups.

Hosting a month long CTF
I shared my experiences hosting a month long CTF, the Advent of CTF. The talk can be viewed on YouTube.
Building a Cyber Security Curriculum
I was one of the opening speakers for the Hack The Box University CTF event. In my talk (YouTube link) I explained how Hogeschool NOVI developed its Cyber Security program. I focused on the technical side of the curriculum and how it ties into the Hack The Box platform.
Just enough Reverse Engineering
During the 2nd Hack The Box meetup I talked (YouTube link) about the basics of reverse engineering, the phases of the proces and the tools you can use for it. It was an introductionary talk.


  • 29 Nov 2020 Released Advent of CTF.
  • 15 Oct 2020 Pandoc HBO release. A setup for Dutch HBO/Master students to write beautiful reports.
  • 15 Oct 2020 Docker Pandoc release. A docker image that contains pandoc and all necessary packages for report generation based on the eisvogel LaTeX template.

Write Ups

Advent of CTF 2020

December 2020 I hosted the Advent of CTF. 24 days long a new challenge was posted every day. There were more the 500 registered users and over 400 active players! You can find all the writeups here.

Fun references

  • I was referenced in a talk by Martin Clausen. He gave a presentation on a Clojure build and in the conclusion he talked about knowing your tools. Thanks for the hat-tip!