For the last 18 months I have organized the dutch Hack The Box meetups. Due to COVID-19 they have all been as a digital meetup, but not less entertaining though.

During my time organizing the meetups the Hack The Box organization supports me in various ways; they give me stuff to hand out such as swag or VIP memberships, they help organize speakers for events when we don’t have one ourselves and they provide me with Hack The Box goodies every once in a while.

One of the “goodies” is to be named Hack The Box Ambassador. This is mostly just a title, but a very cool one :D.

As I just celebrated my first year as Ambassador I was interviewed for the Hack The Box Blog. A very nice article exploring my motivations to start hosting a meetup, how it ties in to my work as Lecturer at NOVI Hogeschool and the rewards I get from hosting the meetup.

On the blog I am no stranger however. In the last 6 articles I appear in 3 of them. The others explore the use of Hack The Box for academia, to study the field of hacking, and a case study on how NOVI Hogeschool utilizes the Hack The Box platform.

Very cool to be recognized in such a positive way by a great community. Thanks!