So, on Thursday I defended my thesis in front of the graduation committee, and passed! This means that the work I have been doing for the last year comes to an end. From now on there are not long nights and weekends working on my thesis anymore.

Back in 2021 I started my journey of achieving a Master’s degree, first with a connecting program and then with the 2 year Master program. Even though I have been in computer science in some form for the last 30 years I still found it to be quite a learning experience.

I greatly enjoyed the track on formal verification of systems and found logic quite enjoyable to work with. My least favorite topic was the security course, mainly due to its reliance on a lot of relatively old literature, but that is only a small “unhappiness”. The courses were well structured and very do-able in the time given.

So happy to be free of the work now. Here is to picking up some fun things again!