Advent of CTF - Challenge 3



This challenge is aimed at understanding how web pages can be made more interactive, using Javascript. Javascript is a programming language for the web that is used in pretty much every web application you will come across.

The things you learn in this challenge:

  • How you can view Javascript in your browser
  • Read some Javascript to figure out what is happening
  • Running Javascript you wrote yourself


The challenge opens up to a familiar sight; the login screen that was used in Challenge 2. The teaser still says not to try too hard, but surely it will not be as simple as the last one.

Figure 1: The login screen

Browsing the source code of the HTML page, as we did in Challenge 1 shows that this application uses a Javascript file. The name of the file is login.js, so that looks promising.

Figure 2: Javascript source reference

Using the DevTools (F12) it is possible to examine the files used by an application. Go to Debugger (or Sources in Chrome) and click on login.js. You will be able to see the full Javacsript source that controls the login form.

Figure 3: Javascript source in the DevTools

I have copied over the source of the function below so that it can be examined more easily.

var username = document.getElementById('username').value;
var password = document.getElementById('password').value;

var novi = '-NOVI';

if (password == btoa(username + novi)) {
    window.setTimeout(function() {
        window.location.assign('inde' + 'x.php?username='+
                               username +'&password=' + password);
    }, 500);

The logic of the function is quite simple. First it grabs the username and password from the form. These will contain the entries that can be entered by us, the user. Then a variable called novi is created and assigned the value -NOVI. The password is checked to ensure that the password that was entered is equal to btoa(username + novi). This means that if the username arjen was entered, the password has to be btoa("arjen-NOVI"). The function btoa creates a Base64 string.

Switch to the Console view of the DevTools and copy btoa("arjen-NOVI") into the screen. It might warn you that copying is not allowed, follow the instructions to allow it. You should get a nice Base64 string.

Figure 4: Base64 password has been created

Now you can log in with the username of arjen and the password set to YXJqZW4tTk9WSQ==. You will be presented with the flag for this challenge.

Figure 5: The flag for this challenge

You can grab your points from the CTFd instance, you should have at least 600 points (if you did not use the hints). Also don’t forget to grab your badge from the Badge Server.

Figure 6: The badge for challenge 3

You have solved the challenge.

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